Cycle of a ThetaHealing session


At the beginning of each session, you can explain me your concerns and wishes.
I will pay my full attention on listening to your purposes and your life story.
We will go on a research trip together, to find your topics and blockades to carve them out. Already speaking out things while somebody is holding the space for you with a pure intention is a healing process.


Now I go with you to the Theta level to get an intuitive reading of your energy system. This helps me to recognize the connections of your concerns and to recognize your topics from a higher perspective.


For a deeper understanding of your situation and topics / blockages, we will discuss your concerns and the impulses gained in the intuitive reading of your energy system. I will ask you some questions to dig deeper. Together, we will deal with solutions and you will get a higher understanding, combined with clear impulses about your situation. You will feel much lighter and happier after that.


In the most important part of the healing session, disturbing programs and believes will be dissolved with your consent in your energy system. The full effectiveness of the ThetaHealing® technique now comes to fruition. Feelings and knowledge from the highest perspective can now be integrated into your energy system. This creates new networks in your brain and that will let you experience your reality new. The changes will spread out bit by bit from inside out and expand into your everyday life.


1 hour – 96 euro

personal – phone – Skype

Please consider: The dates are binding.

If you still can not meet an agreed appointment,
let me know 24 hours in advance.

* This form of life support does not replace
the diagnosis or visit to a doctor or alternative
practitioner. ThetaHealing® supports causes
of diseases and negative sensitivities in the depths
of our energy system. Physical discomfort,
however, requires additional medical attention.


I would love to hear from you!

Julia Buschmann

Certified ThetaHealer®