ThetaHealing® Individual Sessions

ThetaHealing® helps you with:

◊ Relationship problems
◊ Physical complaints
◊ Dissolving blockages and entanglements
◊ Obstructive beliefs and programs
◊ To resolve anger, hatred and resentment from your energy system.
◊ To transform self-doubt in self-acceptance and courage.
◊ Get rid of the causes of stress in your life.
◊ To go to the bottom of fears in your subconscious.
◊ To turn burnout and exhaustion into new power.
◊ To heal shocks and traumas in the depths of your system.
◊ To track down and extract the core of blockages.
◊ To release depression and transform it into a new lust of life.
◊ Identify and solve mental causes of diseases.


To free you from burdens to get back into the feeling of trust in your life.
Open the doors of your heart for new happiness, love, ease and prosperity!

Cycle of a healing session


At the beginning of each session, you can explain me your concerns and wishes. I will give you my full attention as you talk about your intentions and your life story. Together we go on a research trip to find your topics and blockages to carve them out. Already speaking things out while someone listens attentively, is a healing process.


Now I go with you to the Theta Level from here we can communicate with your subconscious mind. While you are in deep relaxation, I get a reading from your energy system. Here I receive informations that helps to look at the contexts of your concerns from a higher perspective.


Through the impulses obtained in the intuitive reading I will ask you a few questions to dig deeper. You receive first healing impulses and a deeper understanding of your situation and the connections that lead to your life situation on a subconscious level.


In the most important part of our joint work old, obstructive programs and patterns are resolved with your consent in your energy system. These are replaced by new, positive impulses. In addition, feelings and knowledge are provided to you from the highest perspective. Thus, new connections are formed in your brain and the changes manifest bit by bit in your life.


1 hour: 96 euros

hour-packet: 400 euros

Personally – phone – Skype

Please note: The dates are binding.

If you still can not keep an appointment,
please let me know 24 hours in advance,
to be able to give it to another person.

* This form of life support does not replace
the visit
 and the diagnosis of a doctor
or naturopath.
 The ThetaHealing® technique
deals with causes of illness
 and negative
sensitivities in the depths of the energy system.

Physical complaints however, need
additional medical care.

I would love to hear from you!
Julia Buschmann

Certified ThetaHealer®