Organize Thetahealing seminars

Bring Thetahealing® in your city

You would like to learn Thetahealing and can organize well, you have a good network?
Or would you like to bring seminars directly in your city?
Are you part of a spiritual community, you have a yoga center, an ashram or are part of a health center and you are interested in hosting Thetahealing seminars? Or do you want to bring Thetahealing courses into your company?
Or just want to earn some extra money and have an environment interested in Thetahealing?

Then do not hesitate to contact me! I am very travel-oriented, happy to teach in different places and to spread this wonderful technique. So you can learn Thetahealing and earn a bit extra.

Needed is a nice seminar room with enough chairs and a flip chart
as well as a reasonable minimum number of participants, depending on the travel costs.

It’s a pleasure to hearing from you!