Death, rebirth and the levels between

Reincarnation therapy is based on the theory of rebirth, which is rooted in many ancient cultures: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism are all religions that are convinced of past life and have integrated these into their teachings. Shamanic natural religions are also convinced of this system and have been working with it since the primordial era of mankind. Nowadays the attendance in regression is growing steadily. Through targeted regression with energetic support, it is possible to raise awareness and clarify old unresolved themes from earlier incarnations, as well as childhood experiences and experiences of the prenatal period. Everyone carries stresses and traumatas from this life or from old lifes or parallel lifes, it is necessary to free this old ballast.

In clarifying these subjects, soul parts which have been left or old healing knowledge can be reintegrated, and the energy field can be clarified from old incriminating experiences which no longer serve you today. Relations can also be burdened by past lifes and with the help of reincarnation therapy these entanglements can be cleared. The primal potential of the soul can thus be brought back to light.

The ThetaHealing® technique as well works on the so-called historical level with past-life-memories.


My personal experiences with regression brought me to different cultural origins, happenings and encounters. You grow into the depths of the wourldsoul and begin to realize how deeply the own soul path is rooted. In this way, I was able to solve issues rooted in old incarnations, which still showed themselves in my life today. In addition, it is a wonderful experience to reconnect with ancient knowledge from powerful incarnations and to feel these energies in the here and now again. In the course of time, you will find a thread in the themes of your past lifes, which is directly connected to your heart mission. There happens also a separation of black-and-white thinking in the consciousness that we have played all kinds of roles on our soul path. Also connections get more depths when recognizing soul companions. Working with earlier incarnations means reconnection to the expanse of one’s soul and the knowledge that we are one with this planet earth.