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Here you will find support on your path of self-discovery and self-development. Blaue Sonne (Blue Sun) gives you emotional support through coaching with the wonderful ThetaHealing® technique. I help you to activate your self-healing abilities and support you in your processes of self-empowerment with the help of various seminars, healing circles and the ThetaHealing® technique. To help you to rediscover your existence as Creator on this earth, to connect you with your nature and to help you to find peace with your life script.

FULFILL YOURSELF – be your own hero!

When we follow our nature, we learn what we really love and enjoy. I am convinced that life gives support to those who are free to develop their true nature. When I do what I heartily love, I also radiate it and so my positive charisma attracts positive events through resonance into my life. Because our reality is a reflection of our inner world. The ThetaHealing® technique helps us to detect and change blocking patterns and programs in our lives and to integrate feelings we have never felt before. Blockages can arise through ancestral themes, childhood traumatas, disturbing beliefs that we have inherited from our education and from society, the collective. Through the reconnection to our nature, to our free essence, we can unfold and experience ourselves freely in all areas of life, in order to gradually manifest a happy and contented life.


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Be your own hero - Blaue Sonne supports you to follow your nature and transform into the creator of your life.

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Julia Buschmann
Certified ThetaHealer®
with Vianna Stibal

Every day we have the opportunity to reorient ourselves. We humans create our reality through our thoughts and feelings every day new. Using the ThetaHealing® technique, we can dismiss old programmings and patterns that no longer serve us. This enables us to reorient our reality and to free our reality from external determination, to get self-determined to achieve a happy, content life, which is entirely oriented to universal love and our nature.

For several years I have been on the path of my heart, on the path of liberation, in the unfolding of my nature, my free soul potential. On this path, I have learned various healing methods and applied them to self-study and self-healing. The easiest and most helpful method for me is the ThetaHealing® technique. It works from the plane of creation, from the plane of unity, based on the principle that all comes from the same divine energy. With this divine level, we humans have been working since time immemorial, and every religion can be traced back to this divine level. Whether it be God, Allah, Yahweh, or Brahman, all speak of the same God, the same form of energy. Since all of us have emerged from this form of energy, we are all divine sparkles and co-creators of this world and can at any time connect to the highest level of existence to empower ourselves and be the directors of our lives.

Es ist mir ein Herzensanliegen Dich und Dein Sein zum leuchten zu bringen und auf deinem persönlichen Weg zu unterstützen!

Report of experience

Dear Julia, Thank you for the wonderful and beneficial Theta-Healing Session. Through your guidance, I was able to see past events as inner pictures, recognize correlations and trace my issue back to its roots, to dissolve it. Additionally, my old beliefs have been replaced by new ones. I received these as intuitive inspirations from the highest level.

Your Theta Healing meditations always give me the feeling of deep connection with the level of everything that is.

I would love to come back to you! Thank you & best wishes.

Silke Metzger, 31

Julia had a very pleasant and quiet way of handling, which quickly built up confidence. Also the questions she asked me in between, were appropriate and helped me to sense more accurate. Overall, our session was very pleasant and lightning for me!

Elena, 26